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A Crack in the Ice Developer AMA Summary

22. November 2016 - geschrieben von Casshern um 16:54 Uhr • OdO-News



  • We tracked the various items used in the new recipes and found one that seemed to be involved in insider trading. We’re investigating the trades that led to the price spike, and in the meantime, we removed the recipes that would have used this item from today’s launch. We’ll reintroduce them when we can, using different ingredients.
  • We’ll have to fix Auric Basin multi-looting in a future release. This one is exploity and is trashing the ecto market.
  • We’ll introduce a way to farm leather in a future release.
  • We’re keeping an eye on mystic coins. They’ve experienced the second-most significant run-up in prices, and like hardened leather, they’re not particularly farmable. We’re watching them closely but not taking action at this time
  • BLC chests – We’ve received a great deal of feedback internally and on our forums that were pointing to it needing to be revitalized. Through those conversations there was a ton of ideas and you’ll be seeing some of them through the seasonal updates of the chest.


  • Our focus right now is twofold: 1. We’re keeping an eye on the reception of the Nightmare Fractal. What worked, what didn’t work, where it can improve. We want to use this information to shape the decisions we make going forward. 2. Continuing work on new fractals, as well as existing fractal reworks, to bring them to the quality bar we have created with our recent releases.
  • The Raids and Fractals teams are seperate entities, but we both deal with instanced encounter design so we are working at lot closer now than, for instance, a year back.
  • Yes you will see more revamps. We wanted to get one in for this release, but unfortunately we had to postpone it to spend more time on Nightmare after a designer left the team.
  • We have recently implemented /gg in our dev builds and do plan to release it eventually, but we need to do more testing. As for a party ready check, my team probably does not have the bandwidth to implement something like that any time soon I am afraid.
  • Complete revamp? Not for all of them. The goal is to just to bring up the overall quality and fun factor for them, which could really mean anything.
  • I don’t think we would ever want to do massive revamps to the old dungeons. With the way they are structured and scripted (old scripts are pretty jank. Tools have since improved), it would be way too much work for too little gain, work better spent on new content.


  • Next raid – We’re in the final phases of testing and balancing the encounters. About half of it is ready to ship right now, but the other half still requires some additional work.
  • If you like getting knocked off platforms then have we got a boss for you!
  • There are only 7 bosses in game to date so we have a long ways to go when it comes to exploring new and different mechanics.
  • With the upcoming release it didn’t make sense to have an event style encounter so we just built 4 large bosses instead.
  • Legendary Armor - I don’t have anything to predict about release date, other than just to say we’re working on it and it’s coming along.


  • Would love to see the ability to follow your teammates with our camera once we are dead
  • Material storage additions – There is a lot, especially in scribing, that ideally I think we would add but we do still need to be careful about size and organizational constraints so there is room in the future to add new materials as they are released. I’ll update everyone when I have a plan, but please do be patient as this is not my primary work and we have the holidays imminent.
  • It’s very unlikely that we will add combat tonics of races that don’t share animations with the player races, like Skritt or Quaggan.
  • One of the design goals for a new mastery is to create it in such a way that it can be reasonably utilized in other future content drops, particularly within the same system. What you’re seeing with the thermal tubes is an active effort to reward you guys for playing earlier episodes.
  • Koda’s Flame is generalized enough to be used in the future, but it’s hard to know exactly how well it will work with new designs
  • All of the maps we have done and are in progress for LW are brand new. We built these from scratch for the LW content. Each LW team gets a 6 month development cycle, from concepting to release, though the first two episodes ended up getting a little longer since we were still working out kinks in the process, staffing issues, and figuring out how we wanted to structure everything.
  • Thanks for the suggestion on having more hair accessory dye colors available, we’ll have some internal conversations on this.




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